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  • Exclusive Savings

    Save 10% and enjoy free shipping on every order. Indulge your cat with gourmet meals at subscriber only prices.

  • Preferred Flavors

    Customize your packs with your cat’s favorite flavors. Every meal will be a mouthwatering experience.

  • Regular Deliveries

    With packs delivered to your door, you can skip trips to the store. Adjust your delivery schedule any time.

  • Less Waste

    Choose your pack size to give your cat the perfect amount of fancy. Get exactly what you need without waste.

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    All Favorites Means No Wasted Flavors

    Unlike other variety packs, you fill your My Fancy Feast customized pack with the flavors your cat loves best. So every meal will be their favorite.

  • Find Any Variety, In One Place

    No more trips to multiple stores to find your cat’s favorite Fancy Feast varieties. Simply shop from home and choose from our entire selection!

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    Buy Your Cat's Favorites, Your Way

    With My Fancy Feast you can buy as often as you’d like using our single purchase option, or sign up for our easy subscription option.

  • Step 1

    Select Your Size

    Choose your preferred box size

  • Step 2

    Choose Your Cat's Favorites

    Include only the flavors your cat loves best

  • Step 3

    Pick Your Plan

    Opt for a subscription or single purchase

  • Step 4

    Place Your Order

    We'll deliver it right to your door. Shipping is always free.

Two Convenient Purchase Types


  • Save 10% plus free shipping on every order
  • Over 30 different varieties of Fancy Feast wet cat food
  • Automatic reorder at the order frequency of your choosing
  • Easily change your variety choices with every order, if desired
  • Or set it and forget it for a consistent box
  • Priority fulfillment in low-stock situations

One Time Purchase

  • Over 30 different varieties of Fancy Feast wet cat food
  • Free shipping on every order
  • Order as often as you want
  • I am thrilled with this service! My order was delivered in a timely fashion and it was wonderful to be able to choose the menu for my kitties. I will definitely be using this service often! Thank you!

    - My Fancy Feast User

  • This is the best news for me! My 4 cats all like different flavors so this way I can get what each cat likes. I have often wondered why this program has not happened before now--so it is the best idea ever! Thank you Fancy Feast!!

    - Mary Ann P.

  • Picking my own menu is perfect for me. My old girl is very picky and her likes and dislikes change weekly/if not daily. With your program, I can try 6-7 different meals and hope she likes one or more of them.

    - My Fancy Feast User

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Before & after differences of Fancy Feast cat food with & without artificial colors & preservatives

Simple Difference. Same Delight.

We’re excited to announce that many of our recipes will be crafted without artificial preservatives or colors.

It’s all part of our commitment to providing dishes that are carefully crafted, high quality, and worthy of serving to the cat you love. Because for Fancy Feast, Love is in the Details® is more than just a saying–it’s something we take to heart with every recipe we make.

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